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About Richard Hajdú

I have always been curious about the world around me. I make films that raise questions. Sometimes the questions are tough. Sometimes the answers are difficult to get at. Through my films I initiate discussions with my audience. Discussions about our world. Discussions about our place in it. Sometimes the discussions are intense and stimulating. Sometimes they are harsh and difficult to digest. Whatever they are, they are always, first and foremost, about us, human beings, and our striving to remain human. 

The stories take many forms and guises. Drama, "talking heads" film, docudrama, étude, family tragedy, political thriller, psycho-social horror, road movie, coming-of-age story, romance.  Sometimes there is no dialogue. Sometimes there is nothing but dialogue. Sometimes there are actors. Sometimes there are natural performers. Sometimes there is a script. Sometimes there is not.  

I have been and remain a fearless experimenter, a romantic humanist, a provocateur and a dreamer who is dangerously in love with the potential power of moving images.  

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