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Warriors of Heaven

Family Tragedy (Feature)

Follows Eva and Noah

Published Screenplay

A small, dirty, messy flat. Drawers full of medicines. An oxygen mask. A wheelchair. A body hits the floor. Glass smashes. Eva, a worn and torn woman of 50, enters. Sounds of agony from the bathroom. Eva rushes in. Her son, Aiden, a genetically ill boy of 16 with a deformed body, has an epileptic attack. His head bangs against the bath tub. Pool of blood.

Later. Aiden is in bed. Sleeping. Eva is at his bedside. Suddenly he gasps for air. Eva reaches for the oxygen mask. She hesitates. She grabs a pillow and covers Aiden’s head with it. She presses it down with all her strength.

Eva is in her room. She sits in front of a mirror. She cries. Suddenly she spits in the mirror and slaps herself. She hits her head with her fists and pulls her hair.

After having suffered for 16 years looking after her seriously ill son, Aiden, 24/7, Eva is at the end of her rope. Aiden’s sufferings are indescribable; he is dying. Having been a strong, stubborn person all her life, Eva is unwilling and unable to accept reality. Lately she has been frantically searching for some kind of a way out of their misery, some kind of a “salvation”, some kind of an assurance that their lives have not been suffering endured in vain: a “final solution.” Eva wants to control their fate, wants to act, wants to do something before the terrible end. As always in her life, she wants to have it her way. This frantic desperation leads her (and Aiden) to more and more dangerous and irrational endeavours.

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