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Buena Vida

Road Movie, Musical, Magical Realism (Feature)

The scrip was invited to participate at the Authors-Producers Meetings organised by Maison des scénaristes at the 2017 Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival. 

The Club Buena Vida is at the end of the world somewhere in Latin America, in a small, dirt poor village, Costa Buena. In that village the Club is the centre of life. It means everything to the people of Costa Buena. It gives them solace after a hard day's work. It gives them pleasure when they want to forget about life's difficulties. They have nothing but the Club. When the villagers excitedly prepare for the 100th anniversary night of the Club’s opening, an unexpected menace rears its head. Don Maravilloso, a shady businessman from the city wants to buy the Club so he can demolish it and build a grand holiday resort in its place. Manuela and Jesus, a singer-guitarist couple in their early 90’s, who have been performing at the Club all their lives, decide it is up to them to save their beloved Buena Vida. They want to ask their late daughter’s husband, a businessman, with whom they lost contact decades ago, for money to pay Maravilloso. Problem is their son-in-law lives in the big city tens of thousands of kilometres away and Manuela and Jesus, like the rest of the villagers, have never been out of Costa Buena. 

A heartfelt, life-affirming road movie about a magical journey of an elderly couple who are capable of overcoming every difficulty to save something that means the world to them. Accompanied by the heart-warming tunes of the Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club. Emotional, inspirational, uplifting, embodying la joie de vivre.

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