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Mystique Unlocked

An erotic adventure, Mystique Unlocked follows the exotic escapades of a New York City corporate manager, Mystique after her husband’s death. Filled with carnivorous sexual fantasies, it is a roller coaster ride of redemption through the dark corners of sexuality.
Mystique’s world is shattered when she loses her husband, Adam in a plane crash. In her desperate attempt to cope with her grief, she embarks on a dark and perverse journey to explore the hidden corners of her sexuality. Her sexual escapades take her to the remote exotic island in the Caribbean where Adam was on business when he died. The sex-hungry savages introduce Mystique to a world of ancient magic and obscure superstition, which makes her ask the troubling question: is Adam really dead?

Mystique Unlocked is currently being developed as a feature film.

Warriors of Heaven

A small, dirty, messy flat. Drawers full of medicines. An oxygen mask. A wheelchair. A body hits the floor. Glass smashes. Eva, a worn and torn woman of 50, enters. Sounds of agony from the bathroom. Eva rushes in. Her son, Aiden, a genetically ill boy of 16 with a deformed body, has an epileptic attack. His head bangs against the bath tub. Pool of blood. 
Later. Aiden is in bed. Sleeping. Eva is at his bedside. Suddenly he gasps for air. Eva reaches for the oxygen mask. She hesitates. She grabs a pillow and covers Aiden’s head with it. She presses it down with all her strength.
Eva is in her room. She sits in front of the mirror. She cries. Suddenly she spits in the mirror and slaps herself. She hits her head with her fists and pulls her hair.


After suffering for 16 years with a genetically ill son by her side, Eva Durand has had enough. Her son dying, she is now looking for one last thing in life: a meaningful way out of it for both her son and herself. Her death wish takes them on a weird roller coaster ride full of strange and dangerous encounters. Will Eva’s daughter and ex-husband be able to act in time to prevent a tragedy?

Warriors of Heaven is currently being developed as a feature film.

Eva & Noah (The Film)

By stubbornly making the decision to give birth to her genetically ill son, an emotionally vulnerable doctor finds herself tangled up in a religious organization that may not be as innocent as it appears.
My 2013 film Eva and Noah is based on the following screenplay.

Eva & Noah (The Play)

Four people remember Eva and Noah, a mother and her son. Piece by piece, fragment by fragment, an extraordinary story of pain, love and determination is told. 
Eva & Noah (The Play) is the stage play version of my 2013 film Eva and Noah.

North Star

North Star is a collection of seven short film scripts. The stories deal with burning issues of our time: addiction, sex trafficking, sexual abuse, post-war trauma and poverty. Amidst all the violence, oppression, brutality and depravation, the characters stand firm to strive for justice, dignity and understanding. The urge for human compassion, which must be our Guiding Light, our North Star, is at the centre of the stories. 

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