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The Friday Night Girls

Road Movie, Woman's Film (Feature)


A country music filled, cross-USA road movie about four 60-something women and the magic of friendship. A love letter to 1980’s prime time American television series and their way of telling stories.

Jenn (70), Babs (59), Martha (69) and Chrissy (64) have been friends as long as they can remember. Yet you could hardly imagine a group of people with so different lives. On a summer day they set out on a journey from their hometown (Boise, Idaho) to New York City. They are heading to meet the cast of their favourite prime time television series, Miami Country they used to watch together every Friday night from its premiere in 1978 to its last episode in 1991. They hire a state-of-the-art camper driven by Jenn, the leader of the gang, and, like thousands of fellow fans from all over the country, hit the road to make it to the New York TV studio for the series’ 40th anniversary reunion. (Miami Country was a smash hit soap about the trials and tribulations of a single father country singer, Jeff Elby from Iowa who falls in love with Sam Brady, a stewardess from Florida. They marry and raise their children in Miami where Jeff finally makes it as a successful singer.) Jenn, Babs, Martha and Chrissy spend the journey binge watching the box set of the series and listening to the country hits that were heavily featured in it, but also, more importantly, reminiscing about old times. Parallel to their journey in the present, we follow key events from their lives between 1978 and 1991 when Miami Country aired. And, although everything stays in the realm of reality, the unfolding past events are more and more as if they had been taken from a soap opera: eccentric, over the top and melodramatic. Things that would hardly be imaginable or believable in real life. Yet this was their life.

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