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Black as Mud

Political Mafia Thriller (Mini Television Series)

The scrip was invited to participate at the Authors-Producers Meetings organised by Maison des scénaristes at the 2016 Cannes International Film Festival. 

Lieutenant Kovalovich, the head of an internal affairs police division, whose task is to uncover links of corruption within the police force, is shot in the head.

A member of Kovalovich’s division is executed.

So is a businessman.

The daughter of another businessman is kidnapped.

The owner of an oil trading company and his family are killed in their sleep.

A car is blown up in broad daylight on a busy high street killing yet another businessman and three innocent passers-by.

The Summer of Terror. A poor, unnamed Eastern European country. 1995.

Six years after the fall of Communism organised crime is in the process of being organised. Mafia Eastern European style. Very cruel, very desperate, very amateur but already making big money smuggling oil from Russia and illegally selling it to the warlords in the neighbouring country to the East where a civil war has been raging.

A hot-headed, naïve maverick of a Member of the Parliament, Peter Mariassy decides it is time to stop the criminals before they become unstoppable. He wants to crack down on corrupt law enforcement officers, policemen, customs officials and politicians assisting the newly born Mafia. Authorised by the Parliament, MP Mariassy puts together an investigative parliamentary committee to conduct and oversee the investigations. A champion of truth and justice, Mariassy also starts his private investigation into the Mafia killings in the Summer of Terror. He is helped by a young police officer who is the last surviving member of Lt. Kovalovich’s internal affairs division and by a young law student who is the daughter of the businessman whose other daughter was kidnapped last summer.

The three of them will uncover a dark web of deceit and corruption linking the current Mafia crimes to the country’s Communist past. For this knowledge, they will have to pay the ultimate price.

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