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Drama (Short)

A story about vulnerability, aggression and moral perseverance. 

A war veteran and his teenage son live in the back country. They hunt for people as part of the boy’s rigorous military training. His father wants him to become a master sniper, like he used to be, by the time he enters the Army. However, the boy has other plans for his future…

Threads is a very visual black and white film. Dialogue as an artistic tool does not play a major role in it. However, the soundscape is very carefully designed using sound effects and music.

Some raw and disturbing images of graphic violence and sexuality are used. Nudity is a key to talk about the issues of vulnerability and humiliation.

Vast landscapes are crucial to emphasize the characters' emotional distance from each other. The stunning, empty landscapes will be photographed in both static and dynamic long takes.

Bird's eye view shots will emphasize the characters' loneliness and desperation. There is no "helping hand" rescuing them in the last seconds; there is no escape. It is a cruel, life-or-death world.

Sometimes the camera will be left rolling to show the empty space from where the characters have moved to another space. From the soundscape, it will be perfectly clear what is happening off-screen. Man’s beating and Saul's last visit to the shop will be filmed using this technique.

We will shoot with non-actors whose screen presence will be enhanced with a breath-taking level of “truthfulness.” The father’s character will be played by a real-life war veteran who will be able to draw on his own experiences when shaping the character.

We will shoot on location, against the magnificent backdrop of vast, empty landscapes. Local people will be cast in the crucial roles of supporting characters.


Above all, Threads is a political statement. An anti-war, anti-violence manifesto. A cry for our (seemingly) lost humanity in a depressingly cruel and violent world. A hymn about the striving for harmony and positivity. Son and Man stand in the fog as the film ends. Will they have the strength and courage to search for the way out?

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